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API Platform Core relies on the concept of operations. Operations can be applied to a resource exposed by the API. From an implementation point of view, an operation is a link between a resource, a route and its related controller.

API Platform automatically registers typical operations and describes them in the exposed documentation (Hydra and Swagger). It also creates and registers routes corresponding to these operations in the Symfony routing system (if it is available).

The behavior of built-in operations is briefly presented in the Getting started guide.

The list of enabled operations can be configured on a per resource basis. Creating custom operations on specific routes is also possible.

There are two types of operations: collection operations and item operations.

Collection operations act on a collection of resources. By default two routes are implemented: POST and GET . Item operations act on an individual resource. 3 default routes are defined GET , PUT and DELETE ( PATCH is also supported when using the JSON API format , as required by the specification).

When the ApiPlatform\Core\Annotation\ApiResource annotation is applied to an entity class, the following built-in CRUD operations are automatically enabled:

Collection operations

Item operations

Enabling and Disabling Operations

If no operation are specified, all default CRUD operations are automatically registered. It is also possible - and recommended for large projects - to define operations explicitly.

Keep in mind that collectionOperations and itemOperations behave independently. For instance, if you don't explicitly configure operations for collectionOperations , GET and POST operations will be automatically registered, even if you explicitly configure itemOperations . The reverse is also true.

Operations can be configured using annotations, XML or YAML. In the following examples, we enable only the built-in operation for the GET method for both collectionOperations and itemOperations to create a readonly endpoint.

itemOperations and collectionOperations are arrays containing a list of operation. Each operation is defined by a key corresponding to the name of the operation that can be anything you want and an array of properties as value. If an empty list of operations is provided, all operations are disabled.

If the operation's name match a supported HTTP methods ( GET , POST , PUT or DELETE ), the corresponding method property will be automatically added.

The previous example can also be written with an explicit method definition:

2. Be deliberate about your selection. Choose each word with purpose, especially in headlines and calls to action. Examine each word and consider how it makes you feel. Is there a more emotional word you could use? Every word should tell a cohesive emotional story. Ask a colleague to repeat the process. If you can, ask a customer to repeat the process.

2. Be deliberate about your selection.

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“It might take time to go through your landing page, but the experience that the person gets in those three seconds is how they feel towards your product. Whether it’s, ‘Okay, I feel safe. This product is going to help me feel safe.’ Or, ‘This product is going to make me feel love.’ Or, ‘This product is going to make me feel more popular.’ Or whatever they’re looking for.

Those three seconds, when a user lands on your page, can actually change the entire experience a customer goes through. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate emotional triggers in your landing pages.” (via PageWiz)

The Psychology of Emotional Storytelling

Jennifer Aaker, a marketing professor at Stanford, asked each of her students to give a 1 minute pitch . One in ten students used a story in their pitch. When asked to recall the pitches later, only 5% of students could cite a statistic and 63% could remember the story (in detail).

Our brains respond well to stories. Consider how many bad movies or books you’ve finished simply because you started them. We’re hardwired to finish stories; we’re already invested and need to know how it ends. In addition, it’s much easier to make an emotional connection to a protagonist than to a company (e.g. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk).

It’s difficult to convince visitors to feel sadness, anxiety, awe or anger because of a brand. Well, perhaps not anger. (Hey, Air Canada and Comcast.) Evoking those emotions through storytelling, on the other hand, is quite easy. (Hey, Disney.)

To Write Love on Her Arms is a self-help organization using emotional storytelling (sadness and anxiety) as a promotion tactic…

Chris Guillebeau uses his story, which often evokes awe, to promote The Art of Non-Conformity

While stats and facts can be valuable, emotions are more persuasive in our irrational minds. Once you make someone feel something through trigger words or storytelling, you can connect with them. Once you connect with someone, you can more easily persuade them to take the action you want them to.

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has shown that, when evaluating brands, you primarily use emotions, not factual information. Studies have also shown that positive emotions toward a brand have greater influence on loyalty than trust, which is based on actual historical data.

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